Young Eyes

As a child I used to get soooo excited and Christmas couldn't come fast
enough. Now, as an adult, they come too fast, with extra work, shopping,
money to spend. Didn't we just have Christmas?

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Islands instead of Tables

Today’s house interior designs look vastly different than in past decades. This past year I listed a house built in 1905. The seller was a widow and she had been in the house for 60 years. Her and her husband had raised their family there. The kitchen was a large old style country kitchen with a big table in the middle, with the built-in cupboards all around 3 walls. There room was so large you could access the counters and cupboards even if the whole family was seated at the table. The table also served as extra working space to knead bread or cool fresh baked cookies.

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Haunted Houses

The ghosts and goblins have been out in full force this past weekend with many a Halloween party. It’s dark and spooky out, and easy to be startled by some unknown sound. And then there are those old neighbourhood houses. There are rumours, "Is it really haunted?" Maybe it’s a house that is a bit tired and only looks dark and foreboding, but when the sun shines the monsters flee.

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Thanksgiving 2013

Growing up on the prairies, the four seasons were very distinct and fall became my favourite. There was the harvest, thanksgiving with pumpkin pie, crisp air, and lots of leaves to jump in.

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32 Years Went Where?

I do know that time seems to be flying by faster each year, but the thing that drives that fact home the hardest is when my kids have a birthday! When I look back at my life it just doesn’t seem possible that it is 32 years ago today that I had my first child. I remember it so clearly and vividly. Without any effort, I recall the hospital room, the clock on the wall, wondering if my baby would be born on Sept 3rd or 4th. I comment to my baby’s father that “I don’t think I can do this”—to which he snickers, “it’s a little late for that”.

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Cheri Crause

Cheri Crause, CPCA
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