Resources for your real estate search in Greater Victoria

The Real Estate Victoria (REV Weekly) newspaper

On average, some 20,000 copies of the Real Estate Victoria paper are distributed throughout the Greater Victoria area. This paper shows the Multiple Listing Service properties available, including commercial opportunities, and a listing of the Open Houses. The paper comes out Thursday morning. You can also view an online version of the paper, .

You can also simply print out a PDF version of the Open House listing, OPEN HOUSES . - formerly The Multiple Listings Service (MLS)

MLS.CA is now found at . It is easily the most comprehensive Canadian unassisted, self-search tool on the internet. Simply click on the map and zero in on the geographic location you want to begin your search. For additional information about specific properties, like market information or individual property history, contact us directly.

MATRIX Search - exclusively through your REALTOR

This search is the most comprehensive and timely search tool available to real estate buyers in Greater Victoria. It is accessed through your REALTOR, and allows you to see new listings as soon as they are listed. By contrast, in may take a few days for new listings to appear on, and up to a week or more for new listings to appear in open house listings. If you would like to be set up on a Matrix Search, give us a call or click here to go to our contact form

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